A picture of Maria Marz
A picture of Maria Marz

About Maria Marz

I am a Chicago area-based Catholic woman.  I am a Mom, US Navy veteran, mental health advocate & consumer, spoonie, cat lady, language learner, bag and jewelry designer and maker, web designer and lover of anything information (except the news).  The man of my dreams asked me to marry him, and I am happily engaged to him.  You can generally find me at home biting off way more than I can chew, trying to make the best hand out of the cards I’ve been dealt.

About Love, Faith and Mental Health.

This blog had started as recoveryvoice.org, where I started by sharing my progress and insights through my own mental health recovery.  Then it evolved to include my spirituality and religion, because it has become a cornerstone in my recovery.  Cue in Love, Faith, and Mental Health.  Love, because it is part of every one of us.  Faith, because it is so important to have faith.  And Mental Health, because life can look rather grim without it.