23 days to go… Jitters??

I still have so many little things to do, but they are little, in the grand scheme of things.  So I am trying not to be worried, but in the meanwhile, I have this stomach pain that comes and goes and at times is debilitating.

I have an ultrasound and an appointment with the surgery clinic.  Hopefully it’s nothing but it’s possible there’s something, since the surgery clinic didn’t let me skip.

I am not actively worried.  I am just trying hard to be calm about things.  I am not thinking about what could possibly go wrong, and I am trying to focus on how it’s supposed to be our day and all.

In the meanwhile, my stomach is in a knot, and it feels like it wants to cramp for no reason, and also, I feel like this low-grade adrenaline running through my veins.

So we’ll see where it all leads.  I love my fiance and he loves me, and that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things.