One In Christ.

I still have to finish the course, because it’s done over 2 days, in this case, 2 days across 2 months.  There’s so much reading, learning, reflecting, and praying.  I don’t want to bash traditional Pre-Cana, because we also completed that one, and it was a great starting point for the seriousness of marriage as a vocation.  However, One in Christ is like marriage prep on steroids.

I lovingly call it the “master’s degree in Pre-Cana”.  It has challenged us to learn about ourselves, each other, and the Biblical foundation for the Sacrament of Marriage.  It has challenged us to update out preconceived notions about marriage, NFP, what it all really means, and the complete giving of each other in this Sacrament.  It also explains very lovingly and clearly, why pre-marital sex is wrong (spoiler: it’s not just another rule to follow, and it has nothing to do with ruining the fun).

One In Christ shows us the Church in its infinite beauty and wisdom, and how we should include God in our Marriage if it is to succeed as a vehicle of holiness for the family we are about to start.  It also shows us a clear (if difficult) path if it is to succeed as a sacrament, and if it is to be a successful marriage in the eyes of God.

It has been a lot of hard work – I am a slow reader, especially because English is not my native tongue, but I feel that the work I have put in has been rewarded exponentially, growing my relationship with my fiance, and my faith in God and the Church.

It doesn’t shy away from practical topics like money and cultural issues.  It is not just “in-the-clouds-theology”, but also offers practical questions to be wrestled and some advice to follow through with.

And as a Jennifer Fulwiler fan, I also appreciate that they include her conversion story as part of it, but that’s just a cherry on top for #fangirls like me.