It’s 80 days until my wedding.

It’s 80 days until my wedding, and while I have done much introspection and learning about this vocation and about my fiance, I still feel like I have much more to do before the wedding.

I did Pre-Cana.  I am also doing the One In Christ marriage prep.  I am learning all I can about NFP (Natural Family Planning, specifically sympto-thermal method – whatever other name it may have) through the CCLI.  My fiance and I have been praying together almost every night.  I’ve ordered the invitations, but the favors and the flowers still need to be done.  I’m sure God will provide me with time and help to get everything done, but I’m beginning to freak out!

You would think that I would be hustling to get those things done, but I am not.  I am somewhat paralyzed in anxiety.  I probably need to tame my insatiable appetite for acquiring – and reading more books.  And get back to my crafty rules to get things done in time.

I don’t think that a lot of people read my blog, but if you happen to read it, please say a little prayer that all things get done in time.