Time management: more fulfillment (part 4)

Less stress, more fulfillment.

After a good prioritization and time-slot assignment, you should definitely feel more confident that things can be accomplished.  When you feel accomplished, you feel less stress and more in control.  In addition, you will feel more fulfilled.  I have touched on this in my previous posts, but allow me to explain this a little more.

There are many ways to prioritize.  I will focus on prioritizing according to values and importance.  For example, it is important to pick up the kids from school, but I value my time spent at church.  While it is important to pick up the kids from school, my heart is in spending more time at church. This does not mean that I am not going to pick up the kids from school.  Rather, I am going to look for ways to spend more time at church, because this is something I value, without neglecting the kids.  See what I am trying to say?

Why it is important to assign a time slot:

It is important to assign a task or activity into a time slot, and give it a deadline.  Deadlines will ensure we get things done in a timely fashion.  Deadlines put fire on our pants to get things done.  Again, give yourself some wiggle room, because the unexpected can always happen!  When you have fire in your pants (and in your soul, in the case of doing something you value) you are more likely to take on larger, more difficult tasks.  In other words, setting time frames keep our task list moving onward.

In conclusion, when you prioritize your tasks/activities in accordance with your own values, you are more likely to take on big tasks and feel happier and more fulfilled because you have achieved things that are meaningful to you.