Time management: effectiveness (part 2)

Time management is important for effectiveness


Time management is important, because it helps us be more effective.  As noted in part 1 of this mini series, good time management allows you to accomplish more in less time.  The idea is to get everything done sooner, so you have more free time to pursue your betterment and passions.

Time management for effectiveness

A word on efficiency vs effectiveness.

Efficiency and effectiveness are not the same. To be effective, you need to decide what tasks are urgent and important and to focus on these.  To be efficient, you just need to be organized and do all manner of unimportant tasks in a timely manner.  Kind of like why to-do lists can be ineffective.  You have the long list of to-do’s, and you tend to cherry-pick whatever is easy, even if unimportant.  Sure, you will be efficient, because you knocked out 10 things off your to-do list, but how effective were you?

With that said, to be effective, you have to come up with what you need to do, and prioritize accordingly.  Then, you need to stick to this plan as much as you can.

How do I know how much time to allocate to my activities?

In the beginning, include lots of wiggle room.  Wiggle room is important, because you don’t want to run out of time and then be stressed out because you aren’t meeting your own deadlines.  To this, I would also add that there needs to be a certain amount of flexibility in your schedule.  Once you become more comfortable with how much time it takes you to accomplish your tasks, you can start adjusting accordingly, but always leaving some wiggle room and flexibility.

How is time management important?

Time management is important, because often, it seems like there is never enough time in the day to accomplish anything.  However, in reality, we are just stuck being efficient at unimportant tasks.  When we learn to say no to unimportant tasks or activities that go against our own values, we end up having more time, too.

In conclusion, time management is not only about assigning time slots to tasks and activities, but also prioritizing in order of importance according to our values.