Time Management (a 6-part mini series – part 1)

What is Time Management?

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific tasks or activities.  Good time management allows you to accomplish more in less time.  With more free time, hopefully, you will be dedicating time to yourself and the things you love, thus lowering your stress levels while feeling more accomplished.

What are some of the benefits of time management?

  1. You are more effective, because you dedicate your attention to just one task.  Believe it or not, as human beings, we are not designed to multitask.  There have been studies that link “multitasking” to reduced efficiency and productivity.
  2. As a result of dividing your time, you feel less stress and like you are more in control.  When you manage your time, you know you have time to accomplish your tasks and/or goals, resulting in a feeling of being more in control and more calm.
  3. In addition, you will feel more fulfilled.  This one cannot be stressed enough.  When you are assigning time-slots to your tasks to be accomplished, you end up prioritizing according to your set of own personal values, and learn to say no to those things that don’t matter to you as much.
  4. Because you weed out some, or most –  of these unimportant things, you end up with more energy, because you spend more time doing what you enjoy the most.

Furthermore, because of all of the above, you end up enjoying life a lot more.  Who wants to feel more calm and in control of their time?  Who wants to spend more time doing things they enjoy?  I certainly do, and I also want more energy, too.

But for any of this to work, you need some drive.  You need the motivation to read, learn, trial-and-error, achieve, and to look back with a critical eye.