Super late! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

May the Love and Mercy of the Risen Christ envelop you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, during this Easter and the rest of the liturgical year.

What has been going on?

It was a busy Lent at my household.  I managed to wake up (barely) early EVERYDAY to attend daily mass at my parish.  Can you imagine?  Now, I am burnt out, and though I wish to attend Mass at least once more other than Sundays, I just can’t seem to make it.  Perhaps after a small break I will be able to do this.  The tiredness is real.  All my chronic conditions add up to this.  But I do the best I can with them.

Because life has been overwhelming:

I started a Bullet Journal!  One day, I just bought a “bulleting log journal” and a bunch of colored pens.  I decided to “play” bullet journal.  (I had no idea what I was doing.) But, I’m actually idiotically happy about it, and things are actually getting done!  Seriously, things that had been dragging on that list are finally checked off!  Not to mention, my mental load has been significantly lighter, and who doesn’t enjoy a lighter mental load?  More on my bullet journal at a later post.  Because, you guessed it, I am so excited it requires its own post.

The Choir

I am officially a member of the choir at my parish, too.  At first, the music director thought I might be an alto, but now I am a soprano.  I am assuming this is because I am really a mezzo soprano who is literally squeezing (my voice box) in with the sopranos.  More on that later, too.  But suffice it to say that I am really happy in the choir, too.