Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

I started bullet journaling, because my friend inspired me to.  She’s an expert in organization, and let’s face it, I need to organize my life.  She didn’t suggest bullet journaling, but a weekly planner, where I can write down my important events and other things.  However, I am the creative type, and need an outlet for that. Since I can’t seem to stick to regular planners (too rigid; don’t have what I need), and digital calendars are still somewhat of a novelty to me, I was on the lookout for something.  Then, I came across bullet journaling on Pinterest.  The idea of “#BuJo” for myself was born.

Supplies I am using

I bought a bulleting log journal.  However, any graph paper or blank notebook appears to be sufficient.  I also bought colored pens, because I like to color-code things, and I also get bored with just blue or black.  I have found the pen I use the most is black, though.  I also bought a few stencils for my bullet journal.  I have noticed, however, that the one I use the most is a good, old ruler.  It seems I like to keep my sections neatly divided.

How am I using it?

Bullet Journal spread

I am using it daily.  I don’t mind sitting down for a few minutes every day to plan, draw, and organize what’s next.

On the left, I have a To Do list, a shopping list, and a notes area.  On the right, I have a weekly spread, complete with a menu planning area for the day.

This is the spread that I am finding is working best for me, but I am playing with the layout every week.


In this post, the conclusion is that this seems to be the answer to my organizational problems.  However, I have only been trying it for a few weeks.  I will continue to report on my bullet journaling sporadically.