Attending Daily Mass

Attending Daily Mass

There is a certain grace from attending daily Mass.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I had to be more mindful of my actions and thoughts, and as a result, I sinned less and examined my conscience almost daily.  It resulted in perhaps the longest period of not feeling like a sinner every day because I was on the straight and narrow.  Because of the daily examination, I feel I am a better person (with much room for improvement still).

If anything, daily Mass taught me that I can, indeed, do a daily examination of conscience, and be more mindful of my words and deeds.  It also taught me that getting out of my physical comfort zone may result in growth, and in this case, it was spiritual growth.  I wasn’t only going to mass, I was actively participating and listening to it.  I was also doing daily reflections and insights into my life.  Attending daily Mass revealed to me how to personally use my faith for enrichment and growth.

Because I was attending Daily Mass:

I started offering my aches, pains, and difficulty getting up, as well as prayers, and the Eucharist for others. This allowed me to get out of myself, and focus on my neighbor, not just myself.

Because I was getting out of myself, I started really noticing the beautiful community around me.  I also was appreciating how much I really am not alone.  Not only is God always with me, but He puts people in my life to help carry my cross, and share in His love.  I also started getting to know my community of fellow Catholics, including the clergy.

This “getting out of myself” and noticing the community around me has made me a more grateful person. I give thanks to God everyday now for all the people that walk into my life.  There were some hard lessons during Lent, deeply personal, but I grew, and I look forward to continue growing.