Lent 2018.

Lent is coming soon.

Lent 2018 is coming real fast.  The joke is going around that 2018 will be a weird year for Catholics:  Lent begins on St. Valentine’s Day and Easter is on April Fool’s.  And, as stated before, it is coming around real fast.  Just as we are potentially fading on our New Year’s resolutions, we are already thinking on what to give up for Lent.

Lent is a period of preparation for Easter.  And while the joke is that most people give up chocolate, in reality, there’s a variety of things we can do in sacrifice to prepare for Lent.

What is Lent about?

Lent is not just about giving up things we love, which is admirable, but it is also an opportunity to do things you don’t love so much, or that you want to make a habit.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So you have 40 days in Lent to form this habit.

To give up

The idea is to give up something that is really hard for you.  Here are some ideas to give up:

  • soda
  • candy/chocolate/milk shakes/ice cream
  • sugar
  • meat
  • coffee
  • cigarettes
  • your favorite sin
  • music
  • TV/Netflix/Hulu/etc.
  • going to the movies
  • going out to eat

Something to do that you might not love so much

I am using my very own examples here.  These are some of the things I struggle with.  Here are some ideas to do things you might not love so much:

  • catch up on laundry
  • do all the dishes
  • catch up on the honey-do list
  • deep clean the whole house
  • declutter the whole house
  • donate gently used clothing you don’t want anymore

Adding to your habits

Here are some ideas to add to your habits (these are just some habits I am throwing around to add as my own):

  • more prayer time
  • daily Mass
  • exercise (if you don’t have a routine yet)
  • quit that pesky habit of smoking/overeating/gossiping.
  • daily Scripture reading
  • daily Rosary
  • daily examination of conscience
  • a good habit that you’ve been slacking on

Since it is really hard for me to wake up early for daily Mass, and can’t fast for medical reasons, I am going to daily Mass during Lent.  Wish me luck!