St Adelaide of Burgundy for 2018.

St. Adelaide of Burgundy

I have often said that if I were to be the patron saint of anything, it would probably be abuse victims, (among others) and Jennifer Fulwiler‘s saint generator gave me St. Adelaide of Burgundy  (also known as Adelaide of Italy).

I can really identify with St Adelaide of Burgundy.  She is, among other things, the Patron Saint of victims of abuse, brides, and in-law problems.  She is also the patroness of princesses.

“Adelaide of Italy, also called Adelaide of Burgundy, was a Holy Roman Empress by marriage to Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great; she was crowned as the Holy Roman Empress with him by Pope John XII in Rome on February 2, 962”

During her life, she widowed, remarried, had in-law and abuse problems, and founded churches and monasteries.

How I identify with St. Adelaide

It is not a huge secret that I am a survivor of abuse, and a bride-to-be.  Thankfully, I don’t have in-law problems.  It is probably a huge coincidence that I was “assigned” this saint by a piece of code on a website.  However, it is pretty spooky how fitting this assignment is to me.  Maybe God does work in mysterious ways?  Also, here’s a little kicker:  Her Feast Day is December 16 – very coincidentally the day my fiance and I started dating 3 years ago.  Perhaps the little prayer I said before I clicked on the button had something to do with it!

How St. Adelaide will be with me for the year

I will learn more about her life, and ask her to be my intercessor.  After all, this year I will be a bride, and I will continue healing from the years of abuse I have suffered.  I hope that by learning more about her I will be a better bride, better wife, and better person all-around.