Setting priorities to find a date

In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to find a date.  The choices are overwhelming, so setting priorities to find a date.  Apps and matching websites for this abound, but how does one go about getting a good one?  This is why it is important to set priorities.  When your priorities are straight, “weeding” out the incompatible suitors is easier.

Setting priorities to find a date.

hearts - setting priorities to find a date

My top 3 priorities.

With all the choices out there, setting priorities to find a date is important.  Then, find a website and/or app, and/or activities that align with those priorities.  As a fairly religious person, my priorities included:

  1. That he is Catholic, or at the very, very least, that he is deeply respectful of my Catholic practices.
  2. That his dating practices are serious (leading to marriage, no games, etc.)
  3. That we are compatible.

That he is Catholic (or the same religion as me)

This is very important to me, because in the past, (lessons learned) I have dated people who don’t have the same religious practices as me, and let’s just say it was a royal disaster.  I ended up being criticized for all my religious practices, and of course, we broke up.  And this is at a time that religion wasn’t even all that important to me, so when I got more serious about my practices, this was definitely a must.

That he is serious

I am not getting any younger, and I am not around to play games.  I am not an object.  I am not “one of the guys”.  I am to be respected.  I believe I have had enough learning experiences, I don’t need another one.  I am ready to meet a serious man.

That we are compatible.

This is also important.  We must have similar (not identical) likes and dislikes.  We must agree in the important things that are important to us.  That his level of crazy meets mine.


When setting your priorities to find a date, think of what is really important to you.  Once you do, choosing a good date is much easier, because you will know what to look for.