Seasons of spirituality

Seasons of spirituality

There are seasons of spirituality.  Everything has seasons.  The year has seasons.  Sports have seasons.  Vegetables and fruits have seasons.  Even TV shows have seasons!  Life has its seasons, and each season has its own cycles.  Within each season, there is a spiritual season, that echoes the seasons of the year:  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  We will focus on the spiritual seasons.


During the Spring spiritual season, everything is being born again.  One is thankful for every little thing to God, and one is also hyper-aware that there is more to life than just the daily things we see.  There is a feeling of love in the air.  It’s like a little child, in wonderment of the world and every new discovery she makes.

Seasons of spirituality - road lined by trees.
Road lined by trees.


During Summer, spirituality peaks.  One’s spirituality reaches a certain maturity.  One knows God is there, and there is a certain understanding that things will work a certain way because one’s faith is just that strong.  Perhaps we have discovered what we think is all there is to know about the faith.


During Fall, spirituality wanes.  This doesn’t mean that you stop believing in God or that you change to a less intense religion.  It simply means that the peak has been reached and that the time to harvest is now.  A lot of the prayer and active time in the faith should pay off, or so we think.


During Winter, spirituality really dwindles.  There is a certain dryness in the air.  One knows that God is there, but one isn’t necessarily aware.  It may feel like God is cold, and that the environment is desolate.  It is perhaps hard to pray, or it may feel like there is no point to praying.  Only to be followed by a stronger Spring, when the cycle repeats again.