Reverence: word of the year

Reverence:  Word of the Year

Reverence humility and compassion written on the wall by a bicycle.
Reverence, humility, compassion

On the same vein as my previous post, my inspirational word of the year is “REVERENCE“.  I’ve been doing some deep thinking about this word.  So I started from the beginning:  According to Google, Reverence means deep respect for someone or something.

I like to think I am deeply respectful of other people’s opinions and decisions, but I often find myself mentally criticizing their opinions and decisions.  (I justify it with “at least I am not making my criticism public, but nevertheless, it still is criticism, not always constructive.)  So this is definitely something I could work on a little more.

I was also thinking that reverence has to do with humility.  The more humble I am, the deeper my respect will be. Yesterday, during Mass, Fr. Paul was telling us about humility and how this means putting ourselves in the position of the other person.  This way, we are more likely to see where they are coming from, and react with compassion.  Lack of reverence could also be lack of humility.  I know I could always use help in the humility department.

Practical Steps

I don’t think I lack reverence, but humility.  Either way, I could use some more respect at Church, for example, not taking my smartwatch or my smartphone into Church.  I don’t look at my phone while Mass is happening, but I get easily distracted with my smartwatch.  So that’s something that’s gotta go.  You know, my messages are so important that Mass can wait… NOT!

So, with that said, more humility is needed when I mentally criticize others.  I need to put myself in their position, and try to understand.  I need to see through their lens, and act compassionately towards them.  This will hopefully lead to more reverence, deeper respect toward my neighbor.