Happy New Year!

And Happy New Resolutions!

I follow this amazing site called Medievalists.net.  Hear me out, this is probably one of the sites I geek out on the most. Because I love the RenFaire, and I am fascinated over anything medieval, really.  These guys seem to be the real deal when it comes to Medieval Studies.

One of their recent articles is pointing out the resolutions for the New Year 1404, from an Italian merchant man named Gregorio Dati. He wrote these resolutions down “… so that [he] might remember [his] promise and be ashamed if [he] should chance to break it.”

He resolved from Jan 1st, 1404 to refrain from doing business on Holy Days, to refrain from carnal pleasures on Fridays and until the next day (it is unclear if he was married, but I digress), and to remember that we need God to provide for us.

My take

I don’t know about you, but even though these resolutions are literally from 614 years ago, I think it’s something we all need to follow through with NOW.  It would make our hectic world a little more relaxed, I think, and humble us down to human once again.  I mean, with the rise of the “nones” we need to remember that there is only one God and no idols.

Who keeps Holy Days as days of rest and family anymore?  I know for one, I will try my best to keep these days Holy.

In this day and age with hookup culture, I think it would be brilliant to refrain from sex at least on Fridays and Saturdays.

And, one I need to follow more often:  We need God to provide for us.  I so often forget that I can’t do anything without God, it’s ridiculous.  Pride takes over me so easily, and it is probably the worst of sins out there.

So, while I have the most typical “this-day-and-age” resolutions of losing weight and fitting into my wedding dress, I will add these 3 from Mr. Dati also.