Check up on your resolutions

checking your resolutions - woman with sparkler
woman with sparkler

It’s been roughly a month since the New Year.  It’s time for a check up on your resolutions.  Do you still have resolutions?  Have you given up?  Have you decided you have failed miserably?  Are you accomplishing them one by one?

It is not uncommon for many to have dropped resolutions by now, but don’t let this stop you, you can continue and/or start again.

Check up on your resolutions

Do your resolutions still make sense?  If yes, continue.  If not, please go back to the drawing board for resolutions that make more sense.

How to keep up with your resolutions.

  1. Do a monthly or even weekly check up on your resolutions.
    • How are you doing with your goals and resolutions?  Are you keeping up?  Falling behind?
    • Are you on track?  If not, what can you do to get back on track?
    • What is getting in the way?
      • A small analysis can do wonders in the way of keeping on track.
  2. Write them down.
    • Writing them down does something in the brain.  Like you signed a contract with yourself.  Also, you can refer back to it.
    • Follow up with a list of things to do and a log of things you have done to accomplish these resolutions.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself if you fail.
    • Failure is almost inevitable.  It’s part of our imperfect nature.  Therefore, it is a must to learn to forgive yourself if you fail.
    • If you forgive yourself, you will gain flexibility to continue on your path.
  4. For every 8 times you fall, get up 9.
    • Or in other words, don’t give up.

These may sound a bit like common sense, but when we are in the midst of failure despair, it is easy to throw common sense out the window and give up, or worse, call ourselves a failure when we are not.