My material Christmas gift.

It is no secret that I am into crafting, making, and creating, even though I don’t normally post about it.  I mean, it’s in my bio, last time I checked.  I received a Cricut machine for Christmas from my lovely fiance.  Not just any Cricut, but the Maker. *faints*

I’m so excited about it!  For several reasons.  1) I had been wanting one.  2) It came from my adorable fiance. 3) Did I mention I had been wanting one? 4) I swear up and down that I will be able to make so much stuff with it!  Can hardly wait!

I am still learning how to use it, as I have 0 experience with the Cricut or any machine of its type.  I have been able to make a few things here and there, including the birthday card and envelope for my fiance’s birthday.

I’m just beyond excited. 🙂