2017 in Review.

2017 was a good year for me.

In February I met my friend Laurie, and we’ve been regular buddies ever since.

In April I said YES to the love of my life at Sunset Point in Arizona. <3

In July I started getting really serious about reconnecting more with my faith.

In October, my fiance moved to Illinois to be with me, and so we can start hashing out the details of the wedding, and obviously, to start our life together.

In December, I have gotten busy with little projects that make me happy, and that I hope to carry into 2018, and hopefully beyond.

This is a general synoptic of what happened during the year.  This year, I focused on decluttering and mental health stigma.  Don’t worry, posts about that will continue in 2018.  Also, I reconnected with my faith.  It is so important to me, that it is worth mentioning twice.  I have even been going to church somewhat regularly. *gasp*  With the exception of bad days.  In 2018, I am planning to be a bit more regular in posting, although I hold no promises.