Live a life worth blogging about

Sometimes, I look on Pinterest to try and come up with a new blog post.  It has yet to pay out, but I have to admit I look.  And there was this image – that had a list of things you should do in order to have a successful blog.  One of them, really caught my eye, it said, live a life worth blogging about.

But what exactly does living life worth blogging about even mean?  I live a fairly boring life, but I would like to think that it is worth blogging about. Why?  Because life isn’t about showing off your booty on Instagram, or even talking about makeup tutorials.  Life isn’t about vanity, or watching TV to keep up with the whomevers.  Life is a series of learning moments joined together by opportunities to learn.  It is also a series of fairly boring moments joined together by happy and dramatic moments.  It is also very much a pilgrimage to Heaven, where we will ultimately be united with Our Savior.  And this pilgrimage is all of the above, joined by the binding powers of faith, hope, and love.  Life is a journey.

As a blogger, I do like to share insights into my own life, but (and maybe this is where I fail as a blogger) I am not eternally looking for the special moments that are bloggable.

I also wanted to remind people that life isn’t about being thrilled and excited and quasi-manic all the time.  A lot of what you see in the blogosphere is “photoshopped”.  Sure, there are some really good, raw blogs out there, but for the most part, they are sanitized, beautified, and perhaps even exaggerated.  A reason a lot of youth suffers from depression is because of all these happy instances on Instagram, YouTube, etc. (social media) seem to be the exciting life of others, while we forget that those exciting moments are glued together by boring, less enticing moments.  So to me, a life worth blogging about is one that sets the example.