via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

In my daily prayer rituals, I usually incorporate fragrance.  I love the smell of wax burning and wafting through the air.  Also, being as I am, I love smells with the fragrance of flowers or citrus fruits.  The beautiful smells remind me of peaceful days, and help me ground myself.  Once grounded, it is easy to fall deeper into meditative mode, and set the tone for my prayer time.

I like to divide prayer time into 5 parts:  gratitude, conscience examination, daily meditation, petitions, and listening.

Gratitude is pretty self explanatory.  I like to give thanks for everything that happened in the day.  I like to say thanks for all the great moments and all the good things.  But, in a harder exercise, I also like to give thanks for all the stuff that happened that didn’t make me too happy, for only God knows if it will later be a blessing.

And the fragrance starts gently wafting through the room.

Conscience examination consists of looking at my day and seeing what I have done that may have fallen short of Christian expectations.  I also look at everything I have done that might have been good.  I like to make sure I do one act of kindness.

And I take a deep breath, breathing in the fragrance of prayers being elevated to the heavens.

Daily meditation consists of something that may have caught my attention that day.  Sometimes it’s a meditation straight from Mass, or a bible reading, or one of the daily meditations from Blessed Is She.  Either way, I like to meditate on that and how it may apply to my daily life.

The fourth part to my prayer is petitions.  I like to ask God for my friends, my family, and myself to be safe and healthy.

Last but not least, I like to listen.  It’s the hardest part of prayer, but it is a necessary part of prayer.  I don’t know how to explain listening, other than it is a very hard part to do, because I like gabbing and it is hard for me to just sit still, but the fragrance helps.

The fragrance grounds me back and I am able to sit still and just enjoy the smells that I have very well associated with prayer and peace and calm.