Mindfulness to stop the downward spiral.

Today in therapy I had an a-ha moment.  I guess it has been drilled in my head, that mindfulness helps depression and anxiety, but today it finally clicked!

I never really saw a connection as to how mindfulness can aid in symptom management.  But yesterday, I had a very frustrating day.  So frustrating, in fact, that I was crying from frustration. The voices I often hear went haywire, telling me how useless I am because nothing got done in the end. This could have been a terrible thing, because when the voices start going in a negative direction, it is hard to get them to calm down and they wear me and break me down.

That said, the voices were going and I just started by taking a couple of deep breaths and just noticing the voices, not judging, not listening.  They were annoying but they didn’t have any power too command me to do things. They just were… Until the end of the day, when I finally went to sleep.