Started 2017 in the psych ward

After all, it turns out that I needed to end 2016 with a bang.  The kind of bang that I don’t necessarily like but need.  New Year’s Eve wasn’t as terrible as expected.  I cooked a ham, and made beer bread for everyone.  Certain people we were expecting decided last minute to flake out on us, but that was okay.  I had Prosecco and red velvet bundt cake.  The night was going okay.

I had a minor spat with my boyfriend over text.  Unfortunately, the spat triggered me even further.  I couldn’t stop crying so I excused myself early from the New Year’s celebrations.  I realized that the triggering was all on me, even though some of it was triggered by a conversation.  However, I was already in a lot of pain.  The voices were commanding me to kill myself, and this was not the first time during the holidays that they had done this, so I lost control of myself and decided it was best to go to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, I learned that Prosecco triggers migraines for me (to top it all off).  The really ugly kind, with blurry vision, nausea, vomiting, and the worst head ache in the planet.  I had to be stabilized for the migraine first, then I was given a psychiatric evaluation and about 8 hours later, because yes, even with ER doctors and IV drugs at my disposition, it still took 8 or so hours to stabilize the migraine, I was finally admitted to the psych ward.

Rough thing to decide, but that’s what had to be done.  As a result of my 12 days at the psychiatric ward, I am now attending the Psychosocial Rehab and Recovery Center again.  I am pretty sure it will do me a lot of good, as it did me a lot of good the first time around.