So, what does an image consultant do?

An image consultant does a wide range of things concerning image, according to a person’s own goals concerning the image they want to project to the rest of the world.  As an image consultant, I hate to admit it, it really is the clothes that make the man, and attract the best possibilities.

Image consultants work in a variety of settings, from freelance to employed by small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  Their specializations range from personal styling to body image consulting to corporate branding and everything in between.

The most common things he or she can do at a personal level are:

  1. Make-over  Who hasn’t needed a makeover or an updating in style?  Looking outdated just doesn’t help the cause. The make over consultation may include hair and make-up, skin care, and maybe even a fitness and nutrition plan.
  2. Wardrobe consultation  Ever had that one blouse you really loved and you wore until you literally wore it out?  Ever had those shoes that were so cute and ran to the ground?  Ever got dressed in something that didn’t quite feel right?  A wardrobe consultation is a session in which one gets advice on what wardrobe items to keep and which ones to throw away or donate.  It also includes education on what styles and cuts fit your body type and personal style as well as the functional goals.
  3. Personal shopping – Ever gone shopping and hated it because it feels as if nothing fits?  Personal shopping is one on one shopping counseling.  You go shopping with your image consultant.  According to your goals and style, he or she may have already picked out a few shops and boutiques that fit the bill, and work with you to learn what goes and what doesn’t.
  4. Personal dating profile makeover – Ever had a dating profile that didn’t really attract anyone?  Or maybe it attracted people all right, but they were the wrong kind of crowd?  A personal dating profile makeover is help with a mini makeover to potentially attract better and higher quality dates.  Some image consultants may include dating do’s and don’t’s, dining etiquette, and coffee etiquette.
  5. Job hunting – An image consultant may offer resume consulting, job interview skills and mock-ups consulting, proper attire consulting, and realistic job hunting goal-setting (because “finding any job” just doesn’t usually cut it).

Hope this helps!