I don't follow the news.

There are many aspects to keeping your mind free of junk.  Today, specifically, I will talk about why I don’t follow the news.

The main reason I don’t follow the news is plain and simple:  News are almost always depressing to my already depressed state of mind.  They make me cry and feel shitty, so I just don’t follow anymore.

Sure, I still watch TV, and read news on the internet, but at my own pace and discretion.  There is no point in bringing yourself down to a depressed state, especially over how many news outlets are not even saying the truth or manipulate the news to make you believe one thing or the other.

I will occasionally pay particular interest over one story, and follow it, but for the most part, I don’t follow the news.  If you have been following my blog for a couple of years, you may have noticed I tend to follow news of shootings/mass shootings.  These particular events fascinate me.

First, why do people do that?  and second, who the heck do the media think they are making armchair diagnoses about whether this shooter was affected by “name-your-mental-or-neurological-disease”?  The media, while generally good at researching, are still no experts in mental health or neurology.  In my experience, they tend to speculate over what was going on in the shooter’s mind, without really knowing what is going on in the shooter’s mind.

If the shooter were military or prior service, he or she immediately gets tagged with PTSD.  If the shooter happens to be autistic, are we dealing with an epidemic of violent autistic people?  If they can’t find out much about the shooter, it’s probably an unstable, depressed individual that was looking for attention.  Really?  Most of the time, mentally ill individuals are most likely to be victims than perpetrators.

When it comes to politics, in my opinion, they don’t fairly follow the different political factions, opinions, candidates, etc.  It seems at times they are out to smear certain candidates and bring up others.

When it comes to world-wide news, they only cherry-pick what they think makes a sensationalistic story, instead of giving the global overview of what really may be going on.

So, being fed up by the news, and trying to keep my emotions a little more stable, I don’t follow the news.