Finishing the Psychosocial Rehab and Recovery Program.

I definitely learned a lot after 2 years of participating in the Psychosocial Rehab and Recovery Program.  I have learned to manage my emotions, cultivate happiness, community reintegration, communication skills, dating skills, manage my psychosis, and many other things.  My commitment to this 2 year journey has paid off in that I am a mentally healthier person who is in charge of her life.  It is bittersweet that I have completed the program.  It became a part of my life for 2 years.  And my therapist wasn’t only sweet and understanding, she was also very focused and specific, and wouldn’t let me get away with bull about what is going on in my life.

My hope is that I will be able to share some of these skills I have learned.  It is part of my recovery plan, and it is also a way for me to pay it forward. 🙂

I want to share some of what I have learned in hopes that you can too learn a bit of how to be in charge of your life.  I may also share some of my personal stories, or day-to-day life.  I am hoping, too, that this new understanding about myself will help me be more focused and regular at blogging, and why not, I would like to touch at least one life in a positive way.