Organizing my studio.

As you know, I design and make jewelry. I design more than I make, but that’s probably for another post. I do end up with quite a bit of jewelry that I’m not sure how to store.

Well, following my own advice, I went and bought the little black dress jewelry organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was $20. Funny thing is, it doesn’t hold all my inventory (not counting earrings… I have like literally one ton of those). So maybe I should get another one. But I really need to work on my studio, too. It’s craziness in there. There’s barely standing room. I need to rearrange furniture and find places for things.

But as usual, (maybe in my subconscious I sabotage myself) whenever I have the energy, I don’t have the time, and when I have the time, I don’t have the energy.

Anybody out there with any ideas on how to manage time and energy and make them sync?

I want to organize my tiny studio space to be able to fit a small twin bed or futon, as it is also my thinking cave. Throwing out supplies is not an option, but I have some extra space in other rooms for extra supplies. It is just a tough thing to tackle for me. Organization takes creativity, commitment, and, well, organization. I have chaos, fear of commitment, and some creativity. Would I be able to do it? Who could help? I don’t have many friends, and the few I have are housebound or pregnant or out of state.

I will post some pictures of my chaos and how it evolves. The biggest challenge I face is me. I see my jewelry supplies and immediately start creating new pieces. Crazy how that works.

Pictures of the initial chaos forthcoming this weekend. Voices be damned!