Back to normal.

So the hubby lost part of the deal on his job, but not all is lost.  At this point, things are back to normalish.  I was worried he would appeal into a depression, but I was worrying about nothing.  He doesn’t have major depressive disorder. I do.  And while anyone can fall into a depression, that doesn’t make it true that any adversity will bring someone down to the clutches of depression.

I talked a bit about seeing him blinded by the options laid in front of him.  To analyze, to a certain point, he was catastrophizing, thinking in all-or-nothing/black and white mode, and predicting.  People with mental illness fall into these thinking patterns way too often, myself very much included.

What is catastrophizing?  Everything reasonable somehow gets to the conclusion that will be the end of the world.  All or nothing?  Pretty self explanatory.  Black or white. No gray zones, no in between, no fine print or choices.  And predicting, well, unless you’re a very gifted clairvoyant, you just can’t predict what will happen.  And these ways of thinking magnify our worries and driver us nutty.

I did it too, you can read on my previous posts.