Today is one of the many days I get to wait around patiently for my son while he does something he loves -and needs- gymnastics.  This is time I usually devote to reading, but today I felt more like writing.

Tomorrow, my ex husband (and father of my child) and I have an appointment at the pediatric behavioral center, to discuss concerns we may have about our son.  It’s a pretty big day, if you ask me.  With a firm diagnosis and a better grasp about what’s going on, I’m excited to see what awaits us and how we can support him.

He’s a bright kid, and I’m fully confident he will learn to manage his condition (Asperger’s Syndrome our HFA – high functioning autism since the DSM-V came out).

But today, he’s in gymnastics,.which he enjoys quite a bit.  And today, I hold my tongue back at the viper-like women who make fun of him because he has yet to master jumping.