An awesome chance encounter.

It seems at least that my team of shrinks at the VA thinks that noticing one thing a day and writing about it is an excellent idea.  This in itself, is new motivation.
But today, I had a chance encounter with a very nice doctor at the hospital.  I thought was somebody else.  She really looked like someone else, but it’s not easy to judge how people look from the back, as I was walking behind her.  I noticed her silhouette, and decided she was someone I knew, so I put a little pep in my step, started walking up par with her, and said “Well, hello there!”  She turned around and I immediately saw that she was not who I thought it was, and immediately apologized and told her my mistake.  Then, I am not completely sure how it happened, but we started having a conversation that was of the most amazing kind.
We talked about how my military experience had shied me away from pursuing a life-long, romanticized dream about becoming a doctor.  We talked about politics, culture and history.  We talked about our children, women’s rights, and writing.  Yes.  Writing.
Weaved within our very varied conversation, she encouraged me to write.  She encouraged me to write a book that I have put in the proverbial back burner because it is so deeply personal and so deeply vulnerable.  She told me to write it anyway, and gave me ideas on how to fictionalize some of it, so I wouldn’t really be putting myself out there.
I am going to write this book, because it makes sense.  It’s something that needs to be out there.  It’s something that would potentially add to the conversation on the topic.  Yes.  I am breaking my protective shell and writing it, even if it is not 100% autobiographical.  After all, it’s about exposing one of the military’s dirty little secrets…